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Are you looking for a Wedding Videographer?

Sonnix Studios has the professional team and experience to provide quality video services for any wedding or special event. We don’t take a one-size fits all approach as we believe every wedding is completely unique and requires a unique approach, please see our Rates page for more information or Contact us page to make a booking.

Wedding Videography
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Don’t compromise on special life events, at Sonnix, we plan and execute your wedding, making sure that we’ve captured every moment and delivering those moments in a quality video to share with friends and family or keep for generations to come.

And so… the greatest journey has always been chasing paths where your heart beats and finding moments that leave you breathless, these few moments are so special that they should be captured through professional videography experiences. At Sonnix Studios we know how important your special day is, which is why we walk with you every step of the way, capturing memories that last forever!

We offer a wide variety of video services from live streaming, aerial drone video, highlight reels and full wedding production, we’re more than happy to cater specifically to your wedding requirements. 

We provide à la carte options for obtaining additional footage from your event. Among the most popular add-ons are:

  • Full ceremony/reception footage: edited footage of your wedding ceremony or toasts/speeches at your reception.
  • Drone aerial coverage: unedited footage from your wedding day
    Coverage of the rehearsal dinner
    Guests’ greetings during cocktail hour.
  • Film trailer (mentioned above, as an add-on)
  • Love story: similar to an engagement session, this footage is shot before your wedding day, usually in plain clothes, and may include an interview as well as a lifestyle shoot

For more information regarding our Pricing, please visit our Rates page.

To make a booking or to request a quote please visit our Contact page.

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At Sonnix, We invest time and money into making sure that your production receives the highest quality, with that being said, rest assured that we only work with professional crew and equipment so that you receive the best value, service, and experience. Sonnix Studios has implemented a unique variable quoting system based on your requirements. Whether it’s a Commercial, Premium, Standard, or Budget production, we will be able to tailor our pricing to accommodate your budget requirements. At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects.

Our rates are competitive and if you receive a quotation from another production house better than ours, let us know and we can negotiate for the best value!









What You Should Know Before
Hiring a Wedding Videographer

 Hiring a Wedding Videographer

You’ve probably heard a lot about the importance of hiring a trusted team of wedding vendors while planning your big day. There are a lot of people you’ll want on your side, from wedding planners to photographers. But there’s one more important player you shouldn’t overlook: a wedding videographer.

Wedding Videography is an investment that we believe is worthwhile if you have the funds. After all, is said and done, your wedding photos and wedding video are all you have to remember your special day by, which is why narrowing down your wedding videographer options can be difficult. This is where we step in. Whether you’ve decided to hire a wedding videographer for your wedding or are still undecided, here’s everything you need to know while you look.

Why Should You Use A Wedding Videographer?

With the press of a button, your wedding video brings your special day back to life. When you press play, you’ll be able to relive all of those wonderful memories over and over again. Wedding photography has a similar ring to it, but having a wedding video to accompany your photos will provide you with the complete experience to look back on. And you can be certain that your wedding photographer and wedding videographer will not miss a single moment.

Wedding Videography Packages and Prices

Wedding Videographers, like any other wedding vendor, typically have a variety of different offerings to help you create the perfect package for you. Packages allow couples to hand-pick services that meet their needs and budget.

When hiring a wedding videographer, you’re likely to encounter the following package options:

Film Trailer/Teaser (1-2 min)

Have you ever seen a film trailer? This is the same idea as before, but for your wedding day. This trailer—or teaser film—is created by your wedding videographer while they continue to edit and craft the final product. It is often accompanied later by a short film. Some wedding videographers include a teaser video as part of their package, while others charge an extra fee for it.

Film Highlights (3-10 min)

The Wedding highlight film is the final product you will receive from many wedding videographers. This film, one of the most popular package options, is non-linear (not necessarily in chronological order) and takes a more modern approach. It’s a three to a ten-minute cinematic montage of the most memorable scenes.

Film in Short Form (10-20 min)

If you choose a wedding videography package that includes a short film, you will receive an edited version of your wedding footage in a more linear format (in chronological order). This format usually includes a portion of your vows, reception toasts, and so on. The film may also include getting ready footage, first look footage, and your grand exit, depending on how long you book your videographer for.

Editing on the Same Day (4-10 min)

Some wedding videographers offer the option of having your wedding footage edited on the spot and shown during your reception. Though this item is more difficult to find, it can be a fun surprise for guests on the day of the event.

Documentary in its entirety (30-90 min)

If you want to relive the majority of your wedding day, this is the option for you! Your wedding videographer can make a longer film that includes entire segments of your wedding, such as the ceremony. Because of the length, this option most resembles an actual wedding film.


Wedding Videography
filming styles

Wedding Videographer styles of Filming

While each videographer adds their own artistic touch to their work, most videographers can be classified into a few styles. The following are the most popular styles to look for in your search:

Cinematic is the most common type of videographer. These films are most like real movies, but they’ve been edited and stylized to look like cinematic works of art, hence the name. Cinematic videography is divided into two distinct styles: Modern Abstract and Classic.

A non-linear approach characterises modern abstract style. The way the footage is arranged and the music used in these films is designed to make the viewer feel something. A modern abstract film’s footage is more likely to include atmospheric footage, or B-roll, which helps capture the overall mood of the day. Modern abstract films typically use little or no dialogue from the present day.

While modern abstract films are almost entirely non-linear, classic films may provide a stylistic edit of events from the day in between bits of B-roll. While the wedding atmosphere remains, your video will include more intact footage or sound bites of events.

Journalistic / Documentary Video- A video journalistic approach aims to capture the day as it happens. This means that your film will include footage of some of your wedding’s most memorable moments while also emphasising other events such as getting ready, guests interacting before the ceremony, messages from guests, dancing at the reception, and so on.

Storytelling- A storytelling style uses sound bites—both from the day and recorded later—to tell the story of your wedding. While music is used to elicit an emotional response in other types of films, sound bites are used for dramatic effects in storytelling.

Before Hiring A Wedding Videographer, Here Are Some Questions You Should Ask
  1. Do you have any open dates on our wedding day?
  2. What words would you use to describe your wedding videography style?
  3. What wedding videography packages do you provide?
  4. How many coverage hours are included in each wedding video package?
  5. Will you have another wedding on the same day?
  6. What is your cancellation (or rescheduling) procedure?
  7. Do you require a down payment? If so, how much is it?
  8. How quickly do you turn things around?
  9. How will the footage and film be delivered?
  10. Are you open to editing suggestions?

You now have all of the information you need to hire a wedding videographer who matches your desired style, video length, and budget. It’s finally time to start looking for wedding vendors.

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