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Affordable Rates for Video Production in Johannesburg

At Sonnix, We invest time and money into making sure that your production receives the highest quality, with that being said, rest assured that we only work with professional crew and equipment so that you receive the best value, service, and experience. Sonnix Studios has implemented a unique variable quoting system based on your requirements. Whether it’s a Commercial, Premium, Standard, or Budget production, we will be able to tailor our pricing to accommodate your budget requirements.

Our rates are competitive and if you receive a quotation from another production house better than ours, let us know and we can negotiate for the best value!








Producing a video can be expensive. However, not all video is created equal. The important thing to remember is time, people, and gear tend to drive the cost of video production. If you want to produce a video with underwater footage, mountaintop vistas, and five different locations, it can be done – just be prepared to spend more. Likewise, maybe a few shorter, high-level videos on your landing pages are the perfect use of video for you. Lowering use of those resources helps to keep costs down.

Ultimately, the cost of your video directly reflects the number of professionals that are needed to help execute the vision. If your story is best told using multiple cameras, an audio technician, and a field producer over multiple shoot dates, it will likely cost more. If the best way to tell your story can be captured with one camera during one half-day shoot, the budget will likely be a little less.

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Why do you want to create the video? Showcase a new product, Introduce the team, Training?


Who is this video intended for? Customer, Audience, Employee?


What are you prepared to spend to achieve the required video product?


How long do you want the final video product to be?


What emotions do you want your video product to evoke? Inspire, Captivate, Teach?


What is the Type of video you want to create? 


We offer a wide range of videography and animation services across South Africa for TV commercials, corporate videos including promotional videos, training videos, health and safety videos, educational videos, induction videos, science videos, non-profit videos, interview videos, general marketing & business videos, as well as conference & forum videos.  As well as videography services for weddings, music videos, fashion shows, product videos, documentaries, film and series production.


This is where we define your video’s purpose. It’s a collaboration where we identify the business story you want to tell and design a message tailored to your audience.


The Blueprint, we assist with video strategy, script writing, location sourcing, and selecting talent such as voice-over artists, actors, musicians, etc. or additional crew for videos we produce.


Our team of directors, sound engineers, and videographers will set and shoot the scenes using professional equipment and lighting. Other departments such as make-up and production design, etc. may be requested.


Producing the final product through editing, sound design, music composition, colour grading, inserting graphics, creating custom animation elements, and voice-over clips. etc.


We aim to deliver your finished video within two weeks. Once you’ve viewed it, we offer additional revisions to ensure you’re delighted with the outcome.


Enhance the visual appeal of your video with our comprehensive costume services. Our skilled team collaborates with you to bring your vision to life, ensuring that every character is dressed to perfection. From historical accuracy to futuristic concepts, we tailor costumes to suit the theme and tone of your production.

Elevate the on-screen presence of your talent with our professional make-up services. Our experienced make-up artists skillfully transform actors to embody their characters, whether it’s for a natural look or special effects makeup. Trust us to enhance the visual impact of your production through meticulous attention to detail.

Our styling services go beyond wardrobe, encompassing the overall look and feel of your project. We work closely with you to curate a cohesive aesthetic that complements your narrative. From character-specific styling to overarching thematic considerations, our team ensures a visually captivating and unified production.

Transform your creative vision into reality with our production design services. Our team meticulously designs and conceptualizes sets, ensuring that every detail aligns with your story. Whether it’s creating immersive worlds or capturing the essence of a specific era, our production design elevates the overall quality of your video.

Bring authenticity to your production through our set building services. Our skilled craftsmen construct custom sets that transport your audience to different worlds. From practical interior spaces to expansive outdoor environments, our set building capabilities contribute to the immersive storytelling experience. us.

Craft compelling narratives with our expert script writing services. Our team of seasoned writers collaborates with you to develop engaging and impactful scripts tailored to your vision. From concept creation to dialogue refinement, we ensure that your story resonates with your target audience.

Enhance storytelling with our professional voice-over services. Our diverse roster of talented voice actors brings characters to life through captivating performances. Whether it’s narration, character voices, or promotional content, our voice-over services add a layer of depth and emotion to your production.

Find the perfect talent for your project through our comprehensive actors casting services. We understand the importance of casting the right individuals to embody your characters authentically. Our casting directors work tirelessly to match your vision with talented actors who bring your story to life.

Immerse your audience in a world of realism with our practical effects expertise. From explosions to creature design, our skilled technicians create visually stunning effects that add authenticity to your production. Practical effects provide a tactile and visceral experience that digital effects alone cannot achieve.

Bring nature to your set with our greensman services. Our team specializes in creating lush and realistic greenery to enhance your outdoor and indoor environments. Whether it’s a natural landscape or a carefully manicured garden, our greensmen ensure that your set is visually appealing and in harmony with your production’s needs.

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