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corporate video production In Johannesburg

Sonnix Studios is a video and animation specialty production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why choose Sonnix Studios as your Video and Animation Production company? Many video production companies in South Africa specialize in providing one service. At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects, whilst still producing quality results for our clients. By offering an array of Award-Winning Video Production and Motion Picture services, Sonnix Studios can accommodate projects of any nature and industry – If it involves Motion Picture, we do it! From conception to delivery of your final product.

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Illuminate your corporate narrative with Sonnix Studios’ tailored corporate video production services. Our skilled team is dedicated to creating impactful videos that showcase your company’s values, achievements, and vision. From conveying complex ideas to highlighting your brand identity, our videos captivate and inform. With a focus on professionalism and creativity, Sonnix Studios transforms your story into a visual masterpiece. Elevate your corporate communication—contact Sonnix Studios today to bring your vision to life through our expert videography.


Build up brand loyalty and inspire a call to action through a quality video commercial campaign.


Raise awareness for your brand or initiative. We create professional content that audiences value and want to connect with.


Be it a performance, conference, presentation, product launch or a livestream event. Our professional team will handle your event video needs.


Tell you brand story through professional interview styled video showcasing your brand, service and team.

Sonnix Studios is a multiple Award-Winning Full-service Video and Animation Production Studio and Creative Agency. We provide an array of Motion Picture services such as Video, Animation, and 3D modeling. At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects, whilst still producing quality results for our clients. 

Our films have traveled across the globe and featured in multiple international film festivals, with that being said, this allows us to provide our clients with a guaranteed efficient and quality Video Production experience that is both diverse, creative and technical for multiple applications from TV commercials, corporate videos, marketing campaigns or promotional purposes.

TV Commercials,  Company Profile Videos. Promotional/Brand Videos. Explainer Videos. Investor Relations/Financial Results Videos. Recruiting/Training/How-To/Safety Videos. Internal Communication Videos. Event/Conference/Tradeshow Videos. Testimonial Videos Corporate Social Responsibility Videos.

At Sonnix Studios we offer a professional full service video production experience, including cinematography, sound design, editing, grading, music, voice-overs, animation, drone, green-screen, lighting, costume, make-up, styling and so much more, our specialist teams are professional and have the necessary experience to deliver great results.

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At Sonnix, We invest time and money into making sure that your production receives the highest quality, with that being said, rest assured that we only work with professional crew and equipment so that you receive the best value, service, and experience. Sonnix Studios has implemented a unique variable quoting system based on your requirements. Whether it’s a Commercial, Premium, Standard, or Budget production, we will be able to tailor our pricing to accommodate your budget requirements.  At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects.

Our rates are competitive and if you receive a quotation from another production house better than ours, let us know and we can negotiate for the best value!








The Benefits of Corporate videos

Product Demonstration Videos

The most basic application of corporate video is to showcase your products and services. These can be internal or external in nature, i.e. aimed at employees, management, and stakeholders on the one hand, and customers, investors, and institutions on the other.

Employee Onboarding Videos

Employee Onboarding videos are a staple of corporate videos. Instead of wasting HR officers’ time teaching new employees or customers about your company’s culture, you can create a series of videos that tell your story, maybe even in animation. Your employees will appreciate a quicker onboarding process as well.

Tutorial Videos

Video tutorials are an excellent way to provide value to customers at no additional cost. They serve as a useful reference for how to use your products and services and can be distributed both internally and externally. Having a video tutorial knowledge base at your disposal will also relieve the burden on your customer support department, as they can simply point customers to the videos instead of explaining everything in person..

Videos for Social Media

It is difficult to overestimate the significance of social media in today’s corporate ecosystem. Customers and employees alike use social media on a daily basis, making it an ideal platform for spreading the word about your company. Social media videos benefit from being more casual than traditional corporate videos in order to highlight the human face behind the brand.

Product Demonstration Videos

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Client Testimonials Videos 

It is sometimes necessary to have others praise your company in your place. A heartfelt testimonial video from a customer or client can help spread positive word of mouth about your brand. Your video production team can put together a collage of different people’s testimonials to turn a testimonial video into a documentary feature about your company.

Business Event Videos

Business events are teeming with activity. They are excellent for generating interest in your company, negotiating deals with other members of the industry, and developing relationships with customers, clients, investors, and potential employees. Event videos are great for video production because they generate content on their own – all you have to do is point the camera and record. Our background in filmography gives us the ability to film in many different styles, e.g aerial drone videography, storytelling, and more. 


Corporate video production is on its way to becoming an essential component of any modern business. Video is one of the most adaptable media formats, and as we’ve seen, it can be used for a wide range of purposes while providing an excellent return on investment. If you’re still on the fence about trying video production for your business, contact us for more information.

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