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Video Production Company Johannesburg

We want to deliver the best value and service to our clients, for that to happen we need to be in sync, by understanding each others role in the creative investment process, we’ve setup a few FAQs that will guide us towards creating the best product based off your vison and brand. Please take time to read through the below blog for more details about our process, rates and service. “May the force be with you” – Star wars

Each production we encounter is so vastly different from the previous one, some require fast cars, drones, actors, huge crews and multiple additional production elements, and some just need a camera, thus we treat each production as it’s own unique and valued piece, and quote accordingly. Please read the contents of the page for a better understanding of your video production investment.


BMW’s cost more than Buicks because you’re paying for craftsmanship and workmanship. Same with video production. And, just like cars, it’s sometimes hard to explain the difference in quality, but it’s easy to see and feel the difference.


No matter the brand, the big SUV is more expensive than their smaller, economy size. You’ll see the same thing happening with videos. If it’s the same company and the same kind of production, a longer video will cost more money. After all, you’re paying the crew by the hour, and it takes more time to shoot and edit a lot of video than a little.

In general, the length of your video (or combined length of all the videos in your project) will determine the cost of your video production. If you’re looking for a benchmark, some people actually use $1,000 per produced minute. But while that’s a nice-sounding guideline, it’s not completely accurate. A highly produced, multi-character, 3-minute video might cost way more than $3,000, and a simple 10-minute recording of a speech should cost much less than $10,000. So it’s more complicated than that. Just like a fancy sports car will cost a lot more than a much larger minivan.


This is probably the clearest similarity. Video productions start out with an hourly rate for the video crew and editing, just like the base model vehicle. But when you add extra features – like the sunroof and fancy audio system – the price goes up.

With all that in mind, then, the secret to understanding the cost of video production is understanding what kinds of features will actually add to the cost of your video.


How many people are we shooting? If you have one central character, one interview can only take so much time – and your video isn’t likely to be all that long and complex. Extra interviews usually make your video better, but they take more time – to shoot, to log, to edit into the final product – and those hours add up.


How many places are we shooting? If it’s one-stop shopping, with one or two interviews in the same place as the rest of the video, you might be looking at a half-day shoot. But if the crew needs to go from place to place, you’re paying for both travel time and set-up time, not to mention a more complex video. Yes, your video production is likely to be much more interesting, but it’s also likely to be much more costly.

Extra Production Details

Extra graphics, animations, and other production tricks all make the final product better – and we love to do them – but remember, many of those techniques take extra editing time. And as you’ve learned, time (in the video production world) really is money.

Length of Video

Video length can be tricky, because a simple long video can be less expensive than a more complex short one – but if the production values are the same, the longer version will always be more expensive, but it simply takes longer to produce

We would love for you to just pop in and visit us, however, most of the time we are either shooting remotely or at our studios. Thus making a booking is the best way we can ensure we give you the time you deserve.

We work where our clients need us, need us in Cape Town, France or Antarctica? We got you! Wherever our clients need us, we make a plan to make sure we get the job done professionally and on time wherever you are in the world.

We’ve burnt our fingers in the past renting our equipment to proposed clients who have mistakenly decided to keep our equipment. So, no, we don’t dry hire, we’ll have a dedicated team ready to setup, maintain, and wrap the project for you.

Currently we are not hiring, nor are we providing any internships. The only way to work with Sonnix is to work as an independent freelancer, partner or as part of our Sonnix create program.

The more resources (budget) available, the more we can invest back into your brand and produce an even greater ROI. For this reason batch shooting may be a viable option as it allows us to (1.) Invest more into the production. (2.) Better overall rates and discounts. (3.) Less to worry about as all your footage will be ready to launch as per your campaign.
Don’t think cost, think investment. Each quote is tailor made to fit your specific project needs, the more budget we have, the more we can re-invest back into your brand with elements such as cinema cameras, powerful equipment, bigger teams, and finally investing the necessary time to create a quality product that your brand and audience deserve.

Don’t have a big budget? dont worry, we’ll still do our absolute best to create a product of value for your brand. 


Production can be like slaying a dragon, but with Sonnix we make that process easier, however, we still need to be realistic as there’s a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes, for this reason don’t rush the process, we don’t want to give you a half baked pie! We work on a 10-business day turn-around time per video / product depending on the complexity to insure that we always deliver quality results in the shortest amount of time without the backlog. 

We’re here to help grow your business and brand. The more we know about your needs the better our teams can prepare and provide a world-class experience. At Sonnix, we want to journey with you as you fight each dragon, thus our whole purpose is to make you as our client Great! 

At Sonnix, we engage with your project throughout all stages of production, from Development, Pre-production, Production (Shoot), to Post-production, Marketing and Distribution, according to the unique project needs.

The Development stage is where we learn as much about your project normally through a brief, we then finalize a tailored quotation and agreement so there’s no miscommunication. 

Once then we move onto the Pre-production phase where we create treatments, schedules, movement orders, bookings of various departments, locations, equipment and other relevant documents and logistics according to the scale of the production. 

Once we have a plan of action and you as our client has approved (Green lit) each element, we then go into Production and Shoot the product or commercial etc. (This can be a massive feat depending on the project needs or as “simple” as placing down a camera and hitting record.)

Once we have completed the shoot, the Dumping process begins (organization) of the footage according to the log sheet. Once completed we move into Post-production, here we bring the entire process together using multiple post-production elements and technical skills to deliver a final product, curated according to specifics highlighted during the Pre-production process. 

We then finalize the product, package and export directly to you for the marketing and distribution process, or you could leave that to us and we will fulfill the final product through your required distribution platforms. 

Either way, whatever you project needs, we’re here to bring your brand vision to life. 

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