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aerial videography IN JOHANNESBURG

Sonnix Studios is a video and  production company based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Why choose Sonnix Studios as your Video and Animation Production company? Many video production companies in South Africa specialize in providing one service. At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects, whilst still producing quality results for our clients. By offering an array of Award-Winning Video Production and Motion Picture services, Sonnix Studios can accommodate projects of any nature and industry – If it involves Motion Picture, we do it! From conception to delivery of your final product.

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drone videography

Out video your competition by adding elements that make your brand stand out, Sonnix Studios offers a wide range of motion graphic services such as aerial video to enhance your brand and marketing.

A drones viewpoint allows for a completely unique perspective of the topic at hand, and showcases elements in a way that was once unimaginable. Our licensed aerial drone specialists have worked on a variety of projects including feature films, corporate videos, outdoor events, TV commercials, construction sites, real estate assets and many more. Aerial videography and photography is one of our main drone services.

Aerial Drone Videography 

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At Sonnix, We invest time and money into making sure that your production receives the highest quality, with that being said, rest assured that we only work with professional crew and equipment so that you receive the best value, service, and experience. Sonnix Studios has implemented a unique variable quoting system based on your requirements. Whether it’s a Commercial, Premium, Standard, or Budget production, we will be able to tailor our pricing to accommodate your budget requirements. At Sonnix we pride ourselves on being the one-stop shop for all motion picture projects.

Our rates are competitive and if you receive a quotation from another production house better than ours, let us know and we can negotiate for the best value!









Benefits of Drone Videography

What exactly is drone videography?

Drone videography is the activity of using unmanned aerial vehicles to capture promotional or informative videos of locations or events.

Drones are useful in videography because they can provide a high-quality image that is much more accurate than footage from a traditional camera. Drones can also capture aerial footage of events quickly and easily, making them useful tools for producing documentaries and other types of videos.

Why Do Companies Need Aerial Drone Video Footage?

Drones are no longer just for kids; they’re being used to create some of the most captivating visual content for businesses. It is also not limited to any industry. Drone equipment can benefit a wide range of organisations.

Drone videos of high quality can help drive insights, provide better customer information, improve marketing, and increase sales. Furthermore, simple ground camera work pales in comparison to the original content provided by drone footage.

When used correctly, aerial drone video can provide a variety of benefits to businesses.

The Advantages of Drone Video for Business


Closeups of motion shots keep viewers captivated whether filming a commercial or an educational video. This type of footage contains far more information than traditional video.

Aerial Photographs

Drone photography can transport viewers to perspectives they would never have had otherwise. These vantage points are a novel way to engage users and provide them with a new perspective. This type of footage, obviously, cannot be shot from the ground.

Emphasize Large Areas

Drone services can be used to quickly highlight large land areas or major events. Drone footage is also far more efficient and cost-effective than other forms of aerial photography, such as helicopters.

Real-Time Images from Different Viewpoints

When using a live drone camera, you can provide a clear view of the surrounding area and capture images of events as they happen. This allows you to stream or “go live” on your website.

Capture Amazing Visuals

Businesses will benefit from stunning visuals with an experienced drone operator, regardless of what they offer. Using a drone adds another option for taking photos or videos in any situation. Amass a collection of visuals and use them in an advertisement, on your website, on social media, or anywhere else your company wants to be seen.


What Industries Make Use of Drone Videography?

Drone videography can be used for a variety of purposes, such as making a movie, capturing footage for your YouTube channel, or obtaining video assets for a business advertisement. In fact, drones are frequently used by businesses. Consider real estate aerial drone services. In the Hospitality industry to showcase hotels, resorts, and their amenities.

Furthermore, it may enable the creation of images that highlight the beauty of the entire property, giving developers, and investors a better idea of the opportunities that exist throughout it. Aerial photography for commercial purposes can be used in a variety of ways. Because you can capture a large area at once, it can aid in the creation of advertisements or flyers for tourism.

Aerial photography captures stunning images that can be used in marketing efforts to showcase an area, venue, or attraction. Drone photography is an ever-growing tool for tourism, from documenting the beautiful, remote trails on a mountain to the thrills of a theme park. Another application to consider is construction videography. Drones can capture detailed development of a property as well as project progress. It can help with land clearing, monitoring conditions, and realistically displaying the potential of a plot of land. Use drone footage to share the progress of a job with someone who cannot be there in person to see it.

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