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Post production video services and Animation

Post-production is a crucial phase in the video production workflow, as it allows for refinement and enhancement of the raw footage, transforming it into a polished and professional end product.

Graphics & Animation studio

2D and 3D Animation, Motion graphics, 3D modeling, Graphics, Illustration, VFX and Green screen, 3D Live streaming. Adding transitions between scenes and incorporating graphics or text overlays

Video Editing

This involves selecting, arranging, and manipulating the video clips to create a coherent and compelling story. Editing includes cutting, trimming, adding transitions, and incorporating special effects.

Color Correction and Grading

This process ensures consistent color and tone throughout the video. Color correction corrects any discrepancies in color, while color grading is more artistic and involves creating a specific look or mood.

Quality Control

Checking the final video for any errors, inconsistencies, or issues that may have occurred during the post-production process.

Sound Design and Editing

Sound is a crucial element in video production. This involves cleaning up audio, adding music, sound effects, and ensuring a balanced and clear audio mix.

Visual Effects (VFX)

If the video requires special effects or computer-generated imagery (CGI), VFX specialists work on integrating these elements seamlessly into the footage.

Rendering & Format Conversion

Combining all edited elements into a final, cohesive video file. Converting the final video into various formats suitable for different platforms or distribution channels.

Voiceover and Narration

If needed, recording and integrating voiceovers or narration into the video.

Post production video services and Animation


Sonnix stands as a distinguished, multi-award-winning video production studio, and creative agency, specializing in the art of video and animation production. With an unwavering commitment to delivering a superior experience, we excel at every juncture of the production journey. Our dedication to excellence goes beyond mere pride; it’s ingrained in the quality we bring to each project.

As a full-service video production company, we offer a comprehensive suite of creative and technical solutions tailored to accommodate productions of varying scales. From the initial concept to the final cut, our dynamic teams bring expertise in video editing, color correction and grading, sound design and editing, visual effects (VFX), motion graphics and animation, voiceover and narration, transitions and graphics, quality control, and format conversion.

Our commitment to excellence extends to post-production services, where we meticulously craft and refine your content to ensure it meets the highest standards of quality. This dedication is the cornerstone of our success and the reason we stand out as a leader in the industry.

At Sonnix, we transcend boundaries, envisioning the unimaginable, and crafting the seemingly impossible. By partnering with us, you not only gain access to a multi-award-winning team but also to a realm where we turn creative visions into reality. Your brand’s narrative is shaped with unparalleled skill and innovation. Contact us today to explore how our post-production services can elevate your content to new heights. Welcome to a world of excellence and creativity.



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At Sonnix, innovation propels our journey as we offer post production video services to the Melbourne market. Through a strategic fusion of video production, animation, VR, AR, metaverse development, game creation, 3D programming, and AI integration, we specialize in crafting dynamic and immersive experiences. Our mastery of these transformative technologies serves as a driving force, transforming conceptual ideas into tangible realities and offering clients cutting-edge solutions that redefine engagement and immersion.

Similar to the dynamic cultural scene and modern vibrancy of Melbourne, our commitment to innovation echoes the rich artistic tapestry and diverse spirit of this cosmopolitan city. Drawing inspiration from landmarks such as the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the contemporary allure of the National Gallery of Victoria, we infuse our projects with a unique blend of creativity and cutting-edge technology.

Much like the city’s diverse neighborhoods contribute to its cosmopolitan identity, our work mirrors the dynamism and diversity of Melbourne. At Sonnix, we don’t just navigate the frontier of technology; we draw inspiration from the famous sites that define this extraordinary city.

Join us on a journey where innovation converges with the iconic Flinders Street Station, and where our cutting-edge solutions resonate with the spirit of the Royal Botanic Gardens. At Sonnix, we’re not just shaping the future of technology; we’re creating an immersive experience where the essence of Melbourne converges with groundbreaking innovation.

Virtual Reality

Dive into virtual worlds with VR technology. Explore, play, and learn in immersive digital environments, all through a VR headset.

Augmented Reality

Explore augmented reality (AR) – digital enhancements in your real world. Discover info, entertainment, and more, seamlessly integrated into your surroundings.

Metaverse Development

Embark on metaverse development – crafting interconnected virtual experiences. Build immersive digital realms where people can connect, create, and explore together in unprecedented ways.

Game Development

Create captivating games. Develop interactive worlds filled with challenges, stories, and excitement, bringing players into immersive experiences they’ll love.

3D Programming

Unlock the ability to design and develop dynamic three-dimensional visuals, breathing life into digital spaces with depth and realism.

Artificial Intelligence

AI in virtual worlds. Intelligently enhance virtual environments, enabling lifelike and smart behaviors for characters and entities.

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At our essence, we transcend the role of a mere video production company and creative agency; we are your dedicated creative partner. Employing a client-centric philosophy, we engage in close collaboration to comprehend your unique vision and objectives. Leveraging our expertise, we skillfully shape compelling videos that not only tell stories but also evoke emotions, leaving an enduring impact. Your success stands as our foremost priority, and we take pride in our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that consistently surpass expectations at every phase of the journey. As your creative ally, we are devoted to ensuring that the final result is nothing short of exceptional.

In close collaboration with clients, brands, consultancies, agencies, and creative minds, we proudly stand as your esteemed collaborative creative agency. Our unwavering dedication is to consistently create and deliver nothing less than excellence in every aspect of our work.

  • Ryan Matulich, CEO


Genuine individuals, prepared to collaboratively build and elevate your brand alongside you. Nestled in the picturesque city of Johannesburg, South Africa, we possess the expertise and capabilities to address both international and local production needs for commercial and film projects at competitive rates. Whatever your production demands, our adept teams are equipped with customized solutions for you. Reach out to us today for unparalleled service, top-notch quality, and a seamless production experience.

For detailed insights into our production and post production process, rates, and services, or to schedule a consultation, please visit our contact page here.

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