The year is 2035

The 3rd World War has brought all of humanity to its knees, all we can do now is reminisce the world before. Africa, our beautiful motherland, our strong people, and our diverse culture now slaves to a new order.

Pray for our children for their blood is pure, as they are the key to our new tomorrow. Many of us wander this wasteland trying to forge our futures in our own hands, others pray hoping God will listen, but for those who have lost their way, influenced by power and the lust of the earth, converting back to their animalistic instincts.

The new order, a society forged by the hands of those who seek the power of God, shaping our broken world in their own image, no one knows who they are, but what is certain is that they roam among the darkness.

South Africa, ravaged by the repercussions of the war, a shattered economy produced a civil war as people turned to violence and crime, anarchy spread as the government collapsed and new factions emerged, some for the good of mankind but others fight for only power and destruction, converting our souls into the animal that lives inside us all.

And in this new world a single mother haunted by the demons that grasped her husband from her life, she must now fight to protect her only child from the dangers of the new world and the new order.

A child goes missing every five hours in South Africa, according to figures released by the South African Police Service Missing Persons Bureau for 2013. Missing Children South Africa’s statistic indicates that 77% of children are found. Sadly, this still leaves us with at least 23% of the children being either never found, trafficked or found deceased. Children are also the most vulnerable victims of gender-based violence. The reality is shocking and undeniable and we can no longer be innocent bystanders to this fact. It can happen to your child! – Missing Children South Africa

2.5 Million Children in South Africa Go Hungry Every Year, This decreases their chances of ever breaking the cycle of poverty. Africa Food for Thought (AFFT) is a charity that provides food security for children, in support of education. Currently supporting more than 17 000 children in the West Rand Johannesburg, South Africa in a variety of ways.

Thank you to our team, partners, sponsors and you, our audience for helping us achieve our first step towards something greater than ourselves. Even through a pandemic, and multiple setbacks, we were still able to bring our project to life.

Sonnix Studios in collaboration with Missing Children South Africa and Africa Food For Thought have a mission to create a positive change in the lives of many children throughout South Africa. Help us make a change by donating to our The Children of Tomorrow campaign. For more information please email us at


Story by
Ryan Matulich

Written by
Iban Bester

Produced by
Ryan Matulich

Directed by
Ryan Matulich
Iban Bester
Tremane Abdool
Roelof Hayward

Concept by
Ryan Matulich

Concept Development by
Paul Sekete
Delon Swartz

Directors of Cinematography
Panchello Gasela
Samantha Sabitelli

Estian Hyman

Sound design
Michaela Mc Enery
Simoné Lourens

Grade and DIT
Delano Borrageiro

Production Design
Julian Pike

Kyle Swanepoel

Costume Makeup and Styling
Alexandra Smith
Eden Borrageiro

Costume Makeup and Styling Assistant
Thobile Zungu

Music by
Kimon Phirippides

Song by
Kimon Phirippides
Letisha Kriel

Song Sung by
Letisha Kriel

Voice Over by
David Dennis

Aiden “A-bomb” Plaatjes


David James

Lady in Red
Shanna Granger

Iban Bester

New Order Official
Iban Bester

Thobs Mdluli

Roelof Hayward
Amanda Nxala
Sammy SoSag
Ryan Matulich
Thomas Junior Ralekgokgo
Dhruv Gulabbhai
Alexandra Smith
Chad Leslie
Quintin Backström
Keegan Backström
Chad “KLUTCH” Leslie
Austin Byron Sioniye
Zweli Tshabalala
Petrus Paulus Albertus Hyward
Roelien Nel
Kyle Swanepoel
Pearl Mofokeng

Tremane Abdool
Thobile Zungo
Michel-Angelo Ramon Swanepoel

Carlien Dorothea Swanepoel
Laetitia Ramona Swanepoel
Kyle Swanepoel
Austin Byron Sioniye

Sherly Hailey Sioniye
Reece Matulich
Matthew Feldman
Salaelo Ralekgokgo

Nicholas and Avril Matulich
Janet Donaldson
Arthur and Leticia Morta
Dante’ D Agrela
Dave and Chantall Mann
David Dennis
Gladys and Tobias Sioniye
Shirley and Juan Koch
Donovin Pillay
Bradley Mann
Cameron Plaatjes
Karen Plaatjes
Schae Schoombie
Adrian Mioch
Craig Rowe
Jaco Nel and Roelien Nel
John Barnardt and Gary Badenhorst
West Village Neighborhood Watch and Community


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Big Deal Grass

Hayward’s lodge

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Sunset Bistro
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