meet the team

Angelo Nhone
Events Technician, Junior DOP, VFX Artist and Graphics Designer.


Sonnix Studios was founded by Ryan Matulich the Executive producer and CEO, ever since our beginnings, the brand has worked with multiple talented creators throughout the entertainment industry on very exciting films, events and projects. Our team consists of an amazing group of talented, passionate, professional creators who love the world of arts and entertainment.

Sonnix Studios started because of our love for music festivals, the experience of love, passion and unity through arts and music. We have a dream to create revolutionary film and event productions that create a better world, spark emotion and inspire our audience, leaving them with a lasting memorable experience.

We strive to be a brand that creates a fair and equal opportunity for those who are willing to make a positive change in the world through arts and entertainment. We pride ourselves in being a multicultural diverse brand that celebrates people of all cultures. Sonnix Studios has a mission to create a positive change in the lives of children and animals throughout Africa, especially children who suffer from trafficking and abuse as we believe children hold the keys to our future and we want to be the brand that empowers and uplifts the children of our beautiful continent, Africa.

Sonnix Studios has a responsibility to our communities, especially to those who are from disadvantaged backgrounds. Sonnix Studios provides experience within the world of arts and entertainment by providing work opportunities, exposure and invaluable on-set experience.

We have exciting projects in development that we cannot wait to showcase to our audience! We hope that you would support our brand and our efforts to make a positive change in the world.

The Sonnix Infinity logo represents the brand’s state of being infinite. A dream of a neverending and unstoppable brand in our pursuit to achieve greatness as we overcome every challenge that awaits us.

We aim to inspire our audience and children to pursue their dreams, make their hearts light up, and never give up on that dream.